Teach English in China

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Imparte clases de inglés en China a empresas, escuelas primarias y secundarias y kindergarten

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Teach English in China as a Volunteer!

Make a Difference – While Being Paid a Full Salary!

Our paid teaching placements start with an intensive on-site training program and on-going training arrangement that will get you in the swing of your new role as a teacher in China..

Program Description

You’ll be offered a long term contract that will give you the opportunity to be paid, and deepened your knowledge of China, its culture, people, language and traditions, and experience first hand the gratitude of the children you teach.

With our many years of experience working with international participants in cultural exchange and educational programs, we are uniquely positioned to look after you.

Teach in provincial Elite Schools

Our network of contacts will help get you into unique schools.

Contract Extension

You are welcome to extend the contract and we can offer the job either in the same school or any other.

Post-contract Reference Letter

Continuing reference letters are key in receiving official approval for continuation of your work visa.

Join a Colorful Team

You’ll be making new friends with excellent school teachers and coordinators as you work with our large group of foreign teachers and Chinese staff.

Best City Locations

We research and visit out our placement locations to make sure they meet our strict criteria, once they pass our standards on being safe, civilized, beautiful, and of course, which have a range of food and entertainment!

Professional Management and Logistics

Expect the highest level of organization and communication. You are our first priority and our dedicated coordinators are trained to ensure that.

Comprehensive Training

We offer 3-5 days of on-site orientation in our cultural center.Further cultural sessions and on-going training are organized throughout your time with us.

Program Details



1 year full time teaching positions (2 semesters) preferred(7,000-12,000 RMB), 1 semester(5 months arrived in March or Aug) can only enter through F-visa and with around 6,000-10,000 RMB per month(before tax) and visa deposit(first month salary)


Levels of schools.:

International/Public Kindergarten, Primary School, Middle School, High School

Will depend upon availability at the time you are here, as well as on your particular skills and preferences